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Grow your audience with Facebook marketing. Almost 3 billion people use Facebook, so it has many potential customers that can buy your product or service. Facebook marketing can help you efficiently reach all of the people who matter most.


How to Grow An Audience

Growing an audience on Facebook is not easy but if you follow the right process it can make a huge growth. There is numerous free process for growing audience but it takes a lot of effort and time.

If you invest in Facebook Marketing, it will be hassle-free and less time-consuming to grow the Facebook audience.

Our Facebook Marketing professionals worked with 50+ businesses and helped them grow their audience by 217%. So, why waiting, you should start marketing on Facebook with our professional Facebook Marketers.

Process Overview

Results-driven Facebook advertising

We measure Facebook advertising results the same way you do, whether you measure your success in better traffic, more click-throughs, bigger sales, local check-ins, or new sales leads. Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve, and we’ll build a way to get there with data-optimized Facebook marketing campaigns.

Manage Facebook ad spend

You should always be able to confidently show the ROI of your Facebook ad spend. At Cardinal, we optimize your campaigns so that you can be certain every dollar counts. We’ll keep it in budget and make sure you get the most juice possible out of your campaigns with constant A/B testing, timing and targeting, and audience lookalike tactics.

Transparent reporting dashboard

With your own custom Facebook marketing dashboard, our agency keeps you in the know at every second of the day. From the very first hour your campaigns start to run, you’ll see exactly how many people are clicking and converting. You’ll be able to measure performance by tactic, by CTA, by region, however you need to track your success.

Precise audience building

Step one of a successful Facebook advertising strategy is to target the right people at the right moments. For some businesses, that can mean targeting key demographic multiple physical locations. In our initial consultation we’ll discover your ideal audience segments and devise the most efficient ways to reach those people on Facebook.

Manual campaign management

Our Facebook marketing agency takes all the guesswork and all the real work out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Once we know what results you need, we set up the audience, the CTAs, the creative, the targeting, the conversion forms, literally everything. Then we watch them relentlessly to make sure they perform.


At Cardinal your Facebook advertising is run by real people who know your business and know your goals. That means when you have questions, or decide you want to double down on a successful Facebook ad campaign, there is a real person on the other end ready to help you through the next step to success.

What to Expect

Facebook Ad Agency

We are a Facebook Ad Agency founded by Shomirul Islam Bonny specialized in Facebook ads focused on growing your business. We are obsessed with two things: build your brand and increase your profits with unrivalled Facebook marketing.


Create Compelling Ads


Make Brand Awareness


Reach lots of different people


Measure cross-device conversions


Get Targeted Customers


Create Custom Audiences from website visitors

What can a Facebook Ad Agency do for you?

Drive In-store Sales

Increase foot traffic to your store and make it easier for them to find your business.

Announcement About New Product

Generate excitement and sustain momentum around a new product or service.

Promote Your App/Software

Get your app/software into the hands of the right people and keep them engaged.

Drive Online Sales

Find new customers and develop connections with people who will buy your product or service.

Targeted Customers

Find your ideal prospects, and give them compelling offers or info about your business.

Video Promotion

Make sure your videos or commercials are viewed by your target audience/prospect.

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