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About Digital Flix

DigitalFlix.org is one of the leading Digital marketing agencies in the World. If you are looking for a Facebook Ad agency, then you are at the right place. We also provide Website Design/Development and Search Engine Optimization services.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

It’s an essential part to advertise on social media to increase sales and customers to a business. About 76% of advertising costs are wasted every year. We are here to help you save your advertising cost and provide you the best service with the best outcome.

We try to provide the best digital service across the world. With us, you will be able to start your Facebook and Instagram marketing. You are always welcome to contact our support team if you need any assistance.

What services do we provide?

We provide Facebook Ads service, Instagram Ads service, Website Design & Development service, Content Writing service, Search Engine Optimization service, etc.

Why choose us?

We have over 300+ customers who advertised their business or brand with us and got an excellent outcome. We will also do the same for your business or brand. So, don’t waste your time and money elsewhere, work with us. We will help you reach your targeted audience at the lowest cost.


How it Works

Our process consistently delivers results for our clients over the years.

Audience Targeting

We find the perfect audience for your business by leveraging Facebook’s data and lookalike modeling. We develop an avatar of your perfect customer and create an audience of people that have the most similar profile. We then target this audience with powerful ads to turn them into high-value customers.


We write powerful ad copy that engages your audience and creates interest in your business offering.

Ad Creation

We create engaging images and videos that catch the attention of your audience and promote your product or service.


We test multiple variations and combinations of image, video, headline, copy, call to action and audiences to find out the most profitable ones.

Analysis & Optimization

We constantly analyze and optimize the performance of your ad campaigns with our data-driven approach. We figure out which audiences and ads are performing best to maximize ROI and profit.

Ad Campaign Management

With our experience in running 6 figures ad campaigns, we have developed advanced bid optimization strategies to reduce your advertising cost and invest your advertising budget in the most profitable placements bringing the highest ROI.


We scale the most profitable ad campaigns to exponentially grow your profit while keeping a high ROI.


We use powerful tracking systems to re-engage people that have interacted with your business. We then create advanced remarketing campaigns to convert them into high-value customers or increase repeat purchases from your current clients.

Analytics Reporting

We are completely transparent with you and you have access to your own data and stats in real-time whenever you want. You will always know your ROI, your sales, profit, and all other metrics.

We also create weekly reports of your ad campaigns with key performance indicators, so you always know how your ad campaigns perform and how much revenue they generate.

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